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Utility Bill Savings

Stacy Roget

High utility bills can be a concern, especially in the winter months. There are things you can do to help cut utility costs.

> Switching to Energy Star LED lightbulbs which use 75% less energy. Don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room.

> Lower your thermostat during the day while no one is home.

> Change furnace filters regularly - most should be changed four times per year. Not only will it save on energy costs, but it helps keep down dust in your home.

> Use the cold or warm water setting on your washing machine. The majority of energy use from washing machines comes from heating the water. Clean the lint trap in your dryer after each use. Invest in dryer balls which can help cut back on drying time.

> Check the temperature of your water heater. The standard setting is 140 degrees but adjusting it to 120 degrees can save up to 10% on your energy bill.

> Check for gaps around doors and install weatherstripping if needed.

> Install wall plate foam insulators under light switch and outlet covers.

> Unplug countertop appliances when they are not being used. Shut down computers and laptops when not in use.

> Use less water by installing aerators on faucets and low flow shower heads. Repair any dripping faucets or running toilets.

> Some utility companies offer comfort level billing which averages your utility bill over the year and lets you pay a fixed amount each month. This can help you avoid paying large heating bills during the winter months.

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