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Dog Licensing

Stacy Roget

Dog Licensing:

Did you know that if you live within the city limits of Sandpoint, you are required to license your dogs?

You can obtain a license at Sandpoint City Hall at 1123 Lake Street.

·        Prices for neutered or spayed dogs:

o  1 year $15.00, 2 year $17.50, 3 year $20.00

·        Prices for un-neutered or spayed dogs

o  1 year $35.00, 2 year $65.00, 3 year $95.00

·        Dogs must be current on vaccinations

If your dog is found without tags, you may be found in violation of the animal control ordinance and fined accordingly. 1st offense is $40.00, 2nd offense is $55.00 and 3rd offense is $80.00.

If you’re wondering which parks it's ok to walk your dog in, we can help you with that.

Parks where dogs are allowed on a leash:

·        Windbag Marina

·        Hickory Park

·        Sandpoint Byway Trail

·        Lakeview Park

Parks where dogs are allowed with no leash:

·        Ponderay Bay Trail

·        Dog Beach Park

All other parks do not allow dogs, including the City Beach.

Always remember to be a courteous and responsible pet owner, and pick up after your dog.

You can contact the Community Resource Officers at (208)265-1478 with questions.

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